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Winterizing Your Tires

During the cold winter months, making sure that your car is ready for the snow is essential for driver’s safety. In areas such as Illinois, residents are familiar with the hazards that come with driving through blizzard-like conditions. The best way to maintain the safety of the vehicle as well as the passengers is to make sure the tires are ready for the winter. There are three main things that can be done to tires to prevent issues on the road during snowy weather: installing the right tires, adding extras for enhanced tread, and checking the tire pressure. There are several locations across northern Illinois that can provide assistance with winterizing tires such as tire stores in Wauconda, Fox Lake, and Woodstock.

Installing The Correct Tires

There are several tires available on the market today for winter months, but the best types of tires to install for typical snow conditions are those called all-season tires, which can be found anywhere from tire stores in Wauconda to big-city repair shops. These types of tires have a special tread pattern that allows for better traction on snow or ice. They are also lighter in weight than the regular snow tires. Snow tires are also another option because of their durability but need to be changed before spring arrives because of susceptibility to faster wear.

Tire Extras For Traction

With extras such as chains or spikes, getting through the snow and slush will be easier because of the added traction. By adding chains or spikes, the tires can more easily grip the road and prevent skidding on ice. Chains can be easily purchased at a local auto shop where you find discount tires in Woodstock and installed at home. If the car has all wheel drive then all four tires will need chains, otherwise only the front two tires need this special treatment.

Checking Tire Pressure

One very simple and common thing that is overlooked to improve the traction of the tires is making sure the tires are at the correct pressure. Tire pressure improves the drivability of the vehicle in snow and ice by allowing the tires to grip the road well. Cold temperatures actually compact the air within a tire and can make the pressure go down. Whether you’re cruising on new wheels in Huntley or just need reliable transportation between work and home, making sure the tire pressure is at the correct number improves fuel efficiency.

To find a discount tires in Woodstock in northern Illinois, visit and learn more about what is available to help your tires during the snowy months.

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Repairing Tire Complications

Tires are some of the most susceptible areas of the vehicle to sustain damage because. Because of this, tires can run into many snags on the road and car owners have to be aware of the tires regularly. Tires can determine the safety of the vehicle as well as its fuel efficiency. Proper tire maintenance must be followed in order to improve their longevity as well as the durability and performance of the vehicle. Various tire centers are available to Northern Illinois residents such as the tire store at Wauconda, discount tires in Woodstock, and Marengo tires among other locations.

Tire Problems and Their Repairs

Flat tires are some of the most common tire issues that can hinder the performance of a vehicle. This flat tire is usually caused by two major problems: tire punctures or slow tire leaks. A tire puncture is usually caused by the car owner driving over a sharp object such as glass or nails. Plugging the puncture and patching the inside of the tire to prevent the plug from moving can usually repair these punctures. A slow leak is caused by corrosion of the rim of the vehicle. This corrosion can be cleaned after removing the tire from the rim. A bead sealant is later applied to the tire and rim to prevent future air leaks. All of these services can be found at a local auto shop whether you need discount tires in Woodstock or Marengo tires.

Prevention of Tire Issues

You can buy discount tires in Woodstock and have no problems on the road as long as you take care of your tires, just as you care for the mechanics of your car. There are a few standard pointers that can be followed in order to prevent some of the common tire problems. By regularly checking the tire pressure, a future flat can be prevented as well as improving the performance of the vehicle. Following regular inspections of the vehicle as a whole as well as just the tires can improve the longevity of the tires. These inspections and repairs include tire balancing, tire rotation and proper wheel alignment. All of these common tasks can improve the even wear of the tires, diminish vibration while driving, and improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. All of these checks can be done by certified technicians at a local store such as the tire store at Wauconda a plus other nearby locations in Northern Illinois.

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Monthly Car Inspections

A car’s life is mainly dependent upon the care that the car owner provides for the vehicle. Preventative maintenance elongates the life of the car by repairing parts before they become an issue in the future. By doing monthly inspections on the car, vehicle owners can prolong the life of their automobile and improve the car’s performance. For Northern Illinois residents, these inspections can be done at auto repair in Crystal Lake or McHenry among other locations. By attending to common issues that could affect a car’s performance, the longevity of the car can be extended.


A car’s tires are the foundation to its ability to run properly. Without properly inflated tires or tires with barely any tread, a car can use up more gas than necessary and wear can begin on other parts of the vehicle such as the rotors and brakes. Each car manufacturer provides a required PSI (pounds per square inch) for tire inflation in the owner’s manual, the tread of the tires must stay above 2/23” depth and the wear of the tire should be even and free of punctures. Whether you invest in a set at a Marengo tire store or shop for discount tires in Woodstock, when you roll onto the road, your tires will be in top condition; however, it is always necessary to keep them in good condition.


The car’s brakes are also an important part of the vehicle and without properly functioning brakes the driver could be in danger of an accident. By checking the wear of the rotors as well as the brake pads, driving safely can be accomplished. Keep up with routine maintenance and checking on the peculiar noises that your vehicle will eventually make. Keeping your car in top condition will prevent big bills for auto repair in Crystal Lake, McHenry, or anywhere else you may break down. Every day use of the vehicle, especially during the winter months when salt or sand can get stuck on the wheels, can wear down the brakes and rotors so doing a quick monthly inspection is imperative.


A monthly inspection during extreme temperatures is important to make sure the fluids are at proper levels. Heat can break down these important fluids and cause the vehicle to run poorly. By checking the levels of the engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and even the windshield wiper fluid, the car’s performance can be maintained.

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Keeping the Life of Your Car Through Proper Maintenance

Cars nowadays are being quickly replaced every year by newer models and consumers become tempted by the latest styles. But, most consumers are not able to afford the latest models; for this reason, as car owners, people must know and understand the needs of their vehicle. Following up on proper car maintenance is essential for Illinois residents who are no strangers to the harsh winters and the hot summers of the area. Luckily, there are many locations available in Northern Illinois such as auto repair in Fox Lake and tire stores in Wauconda, among others.

15,000-Mile Car Maintenance

Most vehicles require a general inspection and tune-up every 15,000 miles. The first 3,000 miles of the vehicle’s life is also an important marker; but afterward, proper maintenance is followed on a 15,000-mile inspection point. The main services needed to keep the car running properly include changing the engine oil and filter, checking under-hood fluid levels, inspecting tire treads, checking rotors and brake pads among other important checks. As the car ages, more and more services are needed to improve its performance on the road such as completely flushing the transmission fluid, inspecting the drive belt and changing the engine coolant as well as the engine air filter. All of these services are available to Northern Illinois residents at auto repair in McHenry as well as other locations.

Seasonal Checklists

Preventative maintenance is important for the life of the car by following the inspection checks as well as by checking the car prior to every change of season. In both summer and winter, the temperatures as well as the weather conditions can wreck havoc on the vehicle if not properly maintained. During the summer time it is important to check all of the fluids of the vehicle as extreme heat can cause these important liquids to break down; this includes brake fluids, transmission fluids and even wiper fluids. It is also important to make the sure the air conditioning is running properly as well as the battery. When the colder months hit, the checks made during the summer time must be repeated with the addition of other services. These services include checking the wear of the tire treads and making them winterized, making sure windshield wipers are not cracked or worn, and that the heater and defroster is in proper condition. Again, these services are readily available to Northern Illinois residents at auto repair in Fox Lake and tire stores in Wauconda.

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Engine Problem Troubleshooting

Signs of engine trouble and their repairs are some of the most common to prevent but difficult at times to figure out. Troubleshooting these glitches can be quite problematic but can be discovered by certified technicians. By following preventative maintenance on vehicles, these problems can be avoided. It is important to seek repair when the car shows obvious signs of engine trouble in order to avoid further damage to the part. For residents in the Northern Illinois area shops are available for auto repair in Woodstock, McHenry, Huntley and other local service stations.

Common Engine Problems

The first sign that the engine is having an issue is when the “check engine” light appears on the dashboard of the vehicle. This light can represent a variety of different problems that need attention. When the vehicle does not start properly or takes a couple of tries to start, this symbolizes a problem with the engine as well. Other obvious signs that there is something wrong with the car include poor acceleration, bad fuel economy, rough idling, and when the engine continues to stay on after the key has been removed. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as the vehicle receiving too much oil in between oil changes or more serious that there is loss of vacuum within the engine. Taking the automobile to a certified technician to conduct diagnostic testing and auto repair in McHenry is the best way of repairing the problem.

Preventative Measures

In order to prevent these problems from arising in a vehicle, there are simple preventative measures that can be taken. This includes taking the car to the shop every 15,000 miles or as prescribed by the manufacturer, getting the oil and filter changed, checking all of the fluids of the vehicle, and checking all of the important parts of the car for cracks, leaks or any sign of wear. Most of these inspection checks can be done at home; but if needed, Northern Illinois residents have access to auto repair in Crystal Lake, McHenry, Huntley, among other locations.

To find out more about how to prevent engine trouble visit This site will also provide information on services provided at auto repair in Woodstock in the Northern Illinois area.


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